Oct 10


Q1. What is required to register a vehicle?

A: State I.D., title/ purchase related documents, and insurance/policy number

Q2. How long does it take to receive title after registration is complete?

A: Mailed within 7-10 days to registered vehicle's address.


Q3. Can I register a 'salvage branded title'?

A: NO, our system does not register branded titles, but can have it registered at a full-service MVA for you.


Q4. Can I register a vehicle with an out of state license?

A: YES, bring in your out of state license and we will provide you with a Maryland 'Soundex' Number. Please Note: Registration of an international driver's licenses will have to be registered at a full-service MVA, a service which we can provide for you.


Q5. Can I register someone else's vehicle for them?

A: YES, we will need a copy of the vehicle owner's I.D., and a letter from him/her authorizing permission for you to do so.


Q6. Can I pay for my flags or tickets at your location?

A: NO, we cannot process flag or tickets however, we can accept payments for MVA admin fees.


Q7. Can I receive a driver's license or state I.D. at your location?



Q8. What are your hours of operation?

A: Please click our 'Locations/ Hours' tab at the top of the Home page.


Q9. Can I register my vehicle and get tags at your location the same day?

A: Yes

Q10. I lost my Maryland title, How soon can I get a duplicate?

A: We go to the MVA every Thursday. We will need the Vin or Title #, All OWNERS ID and you must apply by Wednesday.